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Miniatlas Hypertension

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Would you like to enhance communication with your patients so they can better understand the meaning and implications of their blood pressure levels? Would you like to always carry in your pocket a powerful tool with many comprehensive images related to high blood pressure? If so, the Miniatlas Hypertension is here to help you in your daily practice.
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Because numerous observational studies have shown that both cardiovascular mortality and morbidity are closely related to the presence of uncontrolled high blood pressure values. Hypertension has been associated with a high risk of coronary events, cerebrovascular disease, heart failure, peripheral artery disease and end-stage renal disease, and so you know that it is essential to always keep it in mind. However your patients might struggle to understand its real impact, unless you help them grasp its meaning and its implications.The Miniatlas Hypertension application provides you with a large collection of medical images of great quality and detail about this condition, accompanied of referenced medical texts. Use it to explain to your patient all the fundamentals, such as those factors that contribute to maintaining normal blood pressure values, the major causes related to hypertension, or its most common complications. With this visual helper, your patient becomes more proactive during his visit, and you give him all the answers he needs. This application will always be at your reach because of its convenient format, and will always be of help because of its convenience and thoroughness.
Whether you are in the consultation room, out in an emergency or at your office, the enormous database of images related to Hypertension is there at your fingertips when you need it. Use it with your patients and peers to provide clarity and save time.

The Miniatlas Hypertension offers you incredible features:
* A huge database of detailed and labeled images related to Hypertension
* Each illustration has an explanation text beneath it
* Zoom in with your fingers to any section of the picture
* Easy search – just type part of the keyword you’re looking for
* Email any image or section of an image you need
* Helps physicians to effectively and more easily communicate with their patients
* Available in English or Spanish localization
* Works in portrait or landscape mode
* Available for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Great for sending notes to your office staff or fellow colleagues!

Just in case you still have doubts about the thoroughness of the Miniatlas Hypertension, here’s a list of the chapters that you’ll get when you download the App:

* Vascular anatomy and physiology
* Blood pressure regulation
* Pathophysiology and causes of hypertension
* Complications of hypertension
* Treatment of hypertension

Every chapter gives you access to a collection of detailed images on different angles of the topic.
You see? Everything is covered and in tremendous detail. Once you start using the Miniatlas Hypertension with your patients, you’ll never want to be without it again.
Go ahead and download the Miniatlas Hypertension now. Your patients and peers will all thank you for it.